Mostly disposable python scripts, published here so maybe someone can get any use of them

Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

Google search through your Goole Talk chat

Inspired by a lazy office mate of mine, made a quick chat bot to help her query google via Google Talk. Just invite as your friend and ask him any question :D

To start your own chat bot, you need to know a little bit of Python.
  1. Download the gudang terasi source code here.
  2. Get a Google Appengine account
  3. Download the sdk for your platform, and add the gudangterasi folder into your Google App Engine Launcher
  4. Edit file to your liking
  5. Click deploy!

    Senin, 15 Februari 2010

    Pynetmony with OUI

    For everyone who uses Symbian S60 mobile phone and loves wardriving must have heard Pynetmony. Well I made some of the following updates:
    • Maximum speed on GPS tab: really simple max() field so I have a proof when my taxi driver sped above my comfort safety zone
    • Displays OUI for bluetooth and wireless lan devices: so I can fulfill my curiosity of what brand of mobile phone is more popular in my area, or what kind of wireless lan router my neighboor uses. Manufacturer data uses database from the public IEEE Registration Authority. As it's really big, I cropped down the company name to the first 10 characters to safe memory.
    • Remove startup and closing screen loading to speed up opening the apps :D
    • Based on Pynetmony 2.03 (can't find it on web, I got it by updating from inside the apps)
    Installation instruction:
    Note that sometimes the apps hang and become unstable, send me feedbacks if you've got some hints.